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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wednesday's are for Sharing

Let's talk about sin shall we? How supposedly deadly they are, how we're not supposed to indulge in any of them, and how frickin awesome these plates are! I found these on Etsy and they hail all the way from New Zealand. She's got all kinds of kitschy goodness on her shop and even a disclaimer for adult content. Love it! I would love a set to hang on my wall granny style. Thanks Trixie Delicious for being so totally sinfully awesome.
Yet another Etsy shop is Fearless Fibers for all of you fiber-obsessed readers. She's got some gorgeous yarns as well as patterns, sock blockers, and kits. Totally pettable. I like that it's kind of an all-in-one shop what with the sock yarn, the pattern, and the blockers available from one vendor. Roll around and drool on that why dontcha? *I think I'm renaming Wednesday's are for Sharing to Covet this Wednesdays. How delightfully sinful of me. mwa ha ha.

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