American Wool Series

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Thank you to everyone for all of the well-wishes and congratulations. Little Audrey turns one week tomorrow. I feel everything has been a blur so far but certain moments stand out in my mind and luckily they're all good ones. The Man described this last week as a tidal wave while I think it's more like a passing storm. I'm taking one day at a time and doing my best and I know she's already changing and growing and I should enjoy as much as I can in my sleep-deprived state. It reminds me of the times I would stay up way way late to go to a show and then stop and eat somewhere on the way back home. Super tired and oddly elated by the ringing in my ears and food just tasted so so so good. Yeah, like that, but way better.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

She's Here!

We've been home for a couple of very overwhelming days but we're all happy and very very tired. I went into the hospital on Monday the 22nd for a routine check-up and they asked me to stay. Three (very snowy, icy, and cold) days later Audrey Isabel arrived at 3:12 pm on Christmas Eve. She weighs 8lbs 12oz, is 21 inches long, and had steely gray eyes which have since turned blue. She also has quite a bit of dark hair. She's a lovely little thing and I couldn't be happier.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Still Here

My family is here. The snow is here. The baby is not here. What is up with that?

Monday, December 15, 2008


I busted out yet another pair of mittens over the weekend. I cast on Thursday and finished them up last night. The pattern is NHM #16 from Selbuvotter in leftover Spindrift from my other mittens and an incredibly BRIGHT shade of green in Palette. The pattern calls for sport weight yarn for an adult small and I used fingering so they're more like a child's large. I really like the colors together, they remind me of 80's Vans checkerboard slip-ons. Rock.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Still here, still pregnant. A little bit cranky and knitting like crazy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Finishing Frenzy

Today is my due date. I'm ready to go however the baby is not cooperating and nothing much is happening except a little dropping so I can actually breathe now. It makes sleeping much easier.

To keep my mind off of what isn't going on I've been finishing things like a fiend. My socks are to the left. They're the Little Child's Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks which I ran out of yarn while knitting the second toe. The sock to the left is the one with the different color toe - I like that my camera funks up the color so you can't really tell. :) They're fairly tall socks and I think that's why I ran out of yarn. If I removed the stockinette below the ribbing or just did a couple of rows everything would be dandy. I do like the 'flat toe' on these socks though - they fit my tootsies well.

I cast on the Geordie Stripe Yoke Jacket with leftover yarn from a couple of different projects. I think it turned out fairly well and I had almost enough o-wool to knit the whole hat but ran out right at the crown. I finished it up in the gray. I just have to block it and sew some buttons on. I am officially out of Cranberry O-wool. Yay. The patterns are from Natural Knits for Babies & Moms and this one is going to charity.

Finally, I picked up some fabric last Friday and sewed it up on Saturday as a cover for our nursery chair. It took a couple of hours and was pretty easy to do without a pattern. The top is all the same fabric and I used some lightweight natural denim for the back of the seat since it'll get a lot of wear. My in-laws got this for us from Ikea - it's the poang chair. I was weary about getting a rocker or a glider since they're perfect for crushing little fingers and kitty tales alike. This one has a nice bouncy motion and is super comfortable. We'll see what else I can bust out before the baby makes her arrival, I hope it's soon.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


I thought I would finish a pair of socks tonight for blocking tomorrow and show & tell on Monday night knitting. I thought wrong. Everything is fine and dandy through sock one and now that I'm to the toe of sock two I'm out of yarn. Completely out. There's enough of the skein to weave in an end once I figure out what I'm going to do and luckily the toe is all that is left and won't show if I wear certain types of shoes. What is my plan of attack? I'm not ripping anything back and knitting both toes in a different color. I don't have anything in my stash that matches. So...I'm heading to the shop tomorrow to see if anything comes close in twist and color and if that fails I'll order another skein from Blue Moon and hope that the lot is close enough. I'm not heartbroken, just slightly annoyed by the inability to finish the project that is sooo close to being done. That's what I get for being a project knitter. Blar.