American Wool Series

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I finally picked up some buttons to finish my latest project for the Little One. This yarn was acquired at the Fiber Gallery Anniversary Sale last year and I really enjoyed working with it. The sale is happening again this weekend.

Pattern: Anouk by Kate Gilbert
Yarn: GGH Samoa
Needle: US #6 Harmony Circular
Mods: I knit this pattern as written including working the pockets in intarsia. It's a bit long on the Little One but it may last to next summer this way. This is a great cotton blend yarn and just needs a little steam blocking to even out.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mold Update

Sooooo, it looks like we're moving. Don't know where. Don't know exactly when. The Mold & Asbestos Abatement Man was here yesterday and we're told that all the windows need to be replaced, some clean-up done, and painting and patching. It's 6 weeks alone to get the windows ordered and who knows how long to install them. The people who own the house seem optimistic that it can be done in about a week but I know how construction goes. As soon as they open up those walls I'm sure things will go wrong. To top it all off the washer broke today and leaked water all over our laundry room...again. I'm so fed up and overwhelmed by this place. How do homeowners cope with houses that won't behave? At least we have the option to move to a cheaper, mold-free place. Rents in Seattle are pretty good right now and though we'll probably have to leave the neighborhood I'm looking forward to not living in a place that makes me sick and is too expensive. If anyone has super-secret awesome locations that are inexpensive and MOLD-FREE please do tell.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good On Me

Sometimes, after days and days of feeling like I'm fighting a losing war with the toddler living in my house I score a big huge point. We get along fine and have a good time in general but after wiping up a drink spill (or some other unknown liquid) for the millionth time that day or a very long refusal to nap until exhaustion breaks both of us a break is needed. Enter swim class. I signed the Little One up for swim class which means I get to swim too. We had our first class yesterday afternoon and after 5 minutes of clutching my chest trying to figure out what was going on I got a very smiley, happy, splashy baby for the next 30 minutes. First time in the pool and she's already getting the hang of kicking underwater and floating on her back with her head resting on my shoulder. We both had a great time and it made for a very sleepy and easily to put to nap little girl. Plus there's nothing cuter than little kids in swim trunks or bathing suits splashing happily away. I'm already revved up to sign up for Summer session when the schedule comes out. Woot! Score one for mom!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Piles of Pieces

Whew! I finally finished the pieces of my Sidelines Top and they're out blocking in the miraculously sunny weather. It feels like this thing has been on my needles forever but it's been just over a month. Huh? I think that because I'm a project knitter (as in always wanting the end project rather than the leisurely process) time has a tendency to stretch interminably until I just finish the dang thing. That's also why I have so many pictures of FOs rather then WIPs; I want the knitting to go quickly and stopping to take pictures is just time away from finishing my project. Hopefully the pieces will dry by the time the sun goes down and I can do my seaming while the Little One is napping tomorrow. I haven't pieced a sweater together in quite a while so I hope all goes well.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sweater Lust

I admit it. I have major sweater lust. My mind is constantly drifting toward a future where the sweater and I can be together. We frolic through a (strangely) utopian Seattle park where wildflowers bloom and cheesy music plays. The sweater is worn with jeans and skirts and maybe even a random dress or two. It dresses up and dresses down and goes with everything I already own. It fits perfectly and is just the right thing to wear for all occasions. Ahem. The sweater is Kira by Cecily Glowik Macdonald. Jessica pointed me to this design and I immediately purchased both pattern and yarn. The original is knit out of Nordique, Veronik Avery's yarn line, which I've been interested in trying out. Yesterday I picked up the yarn in the exact color that Cecily used and am itching to cast on. Cecily's patterns (Winged Knits over on Ravelry) are exactly my style. Some are a little retro-inspired but all have interesting details and seem like they would be flattering on different body types. Have a look-see(Rav link).