American Wool Series

Monday, June 28, 2010

Dear Judgey Seattle Parents,

Please eff off. Seriously. The last thing I need when I take my kid to the playground is commentary on my wardrobe. My choice to wear a t-shirt with a zombie on it ( and a cardigan over it!) is not tantamount to wearing daisy dukes while smoking virginia slims and talking about how baby daddy just got back from prison. You probably wouldn't have even noticed it if I hadn't been fanning myself with one side of the cardigan. Take your crocs-with-socks wearing, North Face fleece clad, poorly chosen plaid Bermuda shorts and shove it. Hard. Just because I'm young and choose to wear Converse rather than sensibly ugly shoes does not mean I love my child any less than you do yours. Remember what Mom said about keeping your mouth shut unless you have something nice to say? Yeah, it still applies as an adult.


Tired of Judgey Hippy Seattle Parents

Monday, June 21, 2010


I finished my mom's birthday sweater last week buuuut it's still sitting out waiting to be put in the mailbox. She's in Havasu basking in the desert warmth anyway so she'll have a nice surprise waiting for her when she gets home. The sweater is actually a lighter green but my camera really hates photographing green so this is as good as it gets.

Pattern: Cece from ChicKnits
Yarn: Vickie Howell Craft by SWTC in Cathie & Steve color
Needles: US #6 Harmony interchangeable
Mods: I lengthened the body by about 2 inches.

Friday, June 11, 2010

This & That

I realize I've been pretty quiet lately. Maybe that's because now that I'm done organizing our move I've been organizing a crap-ton of other stuff like Knit Night at the Rat City Rollergirls with some of my awesome knitting group. Yeah! I had soooo much fun and got a little over zealous reenacting jams with Stariel who was injured in Next up is my housewarming a la People's Pub which is in my new hood and a visit from my BFF at the end of the month. Now that Old Moldy is out of my life I've been doing quite a bit more knitting including my Mom's birthday sweater (Mom, pretend you didn't see this!). When I asked her what she wanted she sent me a picture of a big, woolly, cabley, collared sweater but with added text for something "summery". Ignoring the picture I immediately went to some organic cotton/milk fiber yarn that I've been wanting to try and hit up the ChicKnits patterns we have at the store. I should finish tonight with plenty of time for blocking, drying, and mailing before birthday time.