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Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Dangers of Craft

Last night's craft night quickly morphed into drinking too much Pumpkin beer night. I'm feeling lethargic today but still working away on some knitting. I started Ene's Scarf from Scarf Style and having frogged it once I think I'm on my way. I'm using the hand-dyed yarn I picked up at the Puyallup fair and it is sooo soft and squishy. October is my birthday month so I've invested in a little Autumnal color for my stash. I love Etsy and all of the wonderful indie crafters who have shops. I picked up a skein of lace weight from white willow called Autumn Oak. Totally gorgeous, I sat and sniffed it for hours yesterday. I want to knit up something with a leaf motif so I can have Fall with me all year long. I also got a huge (630 yds) skein of fingering weight sock yarn from thankewe in a colorway called scarecrow along with some purdy blue stitchmarkers. I think some leafy knee socks are in order. Head on over to Etsy and make friends with some of the crafters, you'll be glad you did even if your credit card won't.

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  1. Ooh pumpkin beer, that's a first! sounds delish :)