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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Month of Favorites: Day 9

I hail from Northern California wine country. I've worked in pear sheds packing pears and in the office of a cooperage for a large winery. My home town of Ukiah, also the county seat, is nestled in a valley 2 hours North of San Francisco and about an hour and a half from the Pacific. When I was putting myself through school (the first time) I used to take my rare days off of work and school and head to the coast for a day of studying and napping on the beach. My favorite place to go was Mendocino.

garden #3
Mendocino is an artist colony that features lots of small shops and galleries with small places to eat tucked inside historic buildings.

The town is beautifully landscaped and sits on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. 

 This is where I chose to spend my free time before I moved to Seattle. To the right is a small beach where a river meets the ocean and I'd lay down there for hours basking in the slightly chilly Northern California coastal breeze and get my reading done for class. When I finished up I'd head back into town for a bite to eat before driving back to Ukiah or go up to Fort Bragg where I could eat at any number of micro-brewery restaurants. 

If Mendocino looks slightly familiar to you it may be because it has been featured in several movies: East of Eden with James Dean (it's supposed to be old-timey Monterey), The Majestic with Jim Carrey, Forever Young with Mel Gibson, and Dying Young with Julia Roberts.

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  1. hi erin, i came over from andi (my sisters knitter). what a lovely post. i LOVE mendocino! i've only been a few times, but there is a good chance we may move there. i'm on the central coast of california, and wouldn't mind moving north! i really like your photos, thank you for sharing!