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Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Month of Favorites: Day 5

Fall always feels like the perfect time to sort through all of my stuff and get it organized. I do it sporadically throughout the year but there's something about Fall that kicks my neat-freakiness into high gear. I've spent the greater part of the morning in Little A's room sifting through the amazing amount of stuff she has in there and then decided to tackle the armoire where my hand-knit accessories are stored. It's rather amazing.

 Apparently one of my favorite things is to have enough hand knit accessories to swathe a small army.
I have to admit that this isn't all of it. I've got a fabric cube in my bedroom closet that has the "fancy stuff" aka the stuff that is slightly fussy/fragile/delicate to wear. The wicker basket in this picture has my mitts and some cowls in it and there's another one in the armoire with hats and more cowls. Eep. A small portion of the items shown are gifts or from swaps so I didn't knit all of these items but I did knit the vast majority of them. Maybe it's time to let my family pick through it, huh? I know I won't stop knitting accessories any time soon.

I'm curious, how many hand knit accessories to you keep on hand for yourself or your family?


  1. Lots. Lots. Lots. Right now I'm packing for a trip and I'm wondering if it's totally geeky that pretty much every outfit I'm taking contains a handknit sweater, scarf, hat, or glove. Swathed in my own knitwear. Luckily I'm pass the stage where I care what people think about the way I'm dressed. Knit on, folks! Ninaclock145

  2. These pictures of all your hand knits is pure bliss!
    How many do I have? Not as many as you, but very close. Nothing wrong with being prepared.:)

  3. It's funny that somehow, all the knits end up for the family. I don't make myself very many, and when I do, they end up as an opportunistic gift. (It's like a movie: Me wearing new scarf/mitts/hat. Friend/child/MIL eyeing new scarf/mitts/hat, with heavy compliments. Me sighing as I hand scarf/mitts/hat over. Last image is of friend/child/MIL walking off with my scarf/mitts/hat, smirking.)