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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Month of Favorites: Day 4

 Hand knit socks!
Seattle is very temperate so I get to wear my handknit socks practically all year long. When I first learned to knit I didn't understand the appeal of knitting socks but I'm a convert! Wool socks keep my feet nice and toasty and there is such a huge variety in patterns that I can find one to knit that matches any of my knitting moods.
1. vanilla socks 2. Traveler's Socks 3. Vanilla socks 4. Gentleman's Half Hose in Ringwood Pattern 5. Cadence Socks 6. Chinese Bellflower Socks 7. Tea Time 8. Angee 9. Tobias

Do you have a favorite sock pattern?

1 comment:

  1. Love your collection of socks! So nice. I love knitting, but I have to admit I have never knitted mother did and my grandma also, but I never tried...It looked too complicated I guess......maybe some day I will try!
    Thanx for sharing!