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Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Month of Favorites: Day 12

 These are some of the knitting magazines and booklets that I inherited from my grandmother. My sister has the other part of the collection. Until I was in middle school my grandmother knit sweaters for both me and my sister for Christmas every year. Some of these pamphlets still have my grandmother's notes with details about sizes and yarn amounts and I love looking through them.
 I dig her hairstyle and Thinker pose.
 That monkey wants to know where the little boy's pants have gone to.
The Christmas before my grandmother passed away I knit her a pair of thick, soft anklet socks and she sent me back a note saying how much she loved them and that she was impressed with my knitting - in her decades of knitting she had never knit a single pair of socks! Maybe this sock pamphlet scared her off of them?

Were the men or women in your family crafters? Did you inherit any of their collection?

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  1. I loved seeing your photos of the vintage patterns, because I inherited a similar stash from my mother (I am a good bit older) and am fascinated by how differently we live now--but so many of the patterns are still great. In particular, I found that a pattern book of "bed-jackets" (not sure who would wear them now) had some great patterns for what we would wear now as shrugs or little capes. I treasure the continuity of women working with yarns and textiles over the years.