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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Month of Favorite Things: Day 3

 Trader Joe's is pretty much the place to get inexpensive seasonal treats that are super tasty. I'm a sucker for practically anything pumpkin flavored once Fall hits and Trader Joe's does a pumpkin-loving girl good.
This isn't the whole haul from this week, I also have pumpkin ravioli in the fridge. I wasn't always a pumpkin lover, as a kid they were only to be used for jack o' lanterns or pie, but as an adult I absolutely love them. Pumpkins work equally well as sweet or savory additions to dishes and there's something so comforting about having them baking in the oven or spicing up my coffee. I'll be indulging in the pumpkin bounty of Fall until I make myself utterly sick of it (that actually never happens). Pumpkin is really easy to cook with but these items are my favorite grab and go items to have in my pantry or to take to work for lunch. 

Do you have a favorite Fall food or treat?

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