American Wool Series

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WIP: Flowing Lines

I'm not sure that I've posted this before. I know that I complained about it to my knitting group, on my podcast, in my notes on Ravelry. This somewhat PITA is coming close to completion so I thought I'd boost my urge to knit on it by posting it here.

Pattern: Flowing Lines by Veera Valimaki
Yarn: Tosh Vintage in Saffron

This is a top-down pullover with a twisted stitch texture pattern on a reverse stockinette background. I don't recommend it for folks that hate the purl stitch. I was close to frogging the whole darn thing after several attempts to get the boatneck joined properly and the short rows for the sleeves to the correct stitch count. My gauge was off once I started the texture pattern so I had to rip back and go up a needle size. So many issues! A diagram would have been useful for joining the strips for the boatneck since that alone took about an hour of my knitting time and was also quite irritating to knit - it's very easy to twist the panels after getting them joined. The end is in sight and I'm excited for the FO since the knitting was not my favorite.


  1. Such a shame it's been a frustrating knit, because it looks gorgeous. I'm totally in love with that colour and I really love twisted stitches.

  2. Hi, Erin!
    How did you do the twist stitches? I'm making my swatch now, and for the left twist i can't figure out how to purl the second stitch without taking the first off the needle... Thanks!