American Wool Series

Thursday, March 14, 2013

FO: Flowing Lines

I think I posted this as a WIP last week. It's finally done!

 I look pretty pleased, don't I? Not so bad for having stayed home ill yesterday.
Pattern: Flowing Lines by Veera Valimaki
Yarn: Tosh Vintage in Saffron
Needles: US #6, US #7, US #8 Hiya Hiya Sharps
Mods: I knit the ribbed bands at the top on #6 needles since I wanted them to hold their shape for the boatneck and not turn all loosey goosey on me. The body is knit on US #8 needles since that's what I got gauge with (after several false starts) and the hem and sleeve ribbing is knit on US #7 needles. I also knit the sleeves as half-sleeves since worsted weight yarn is pretty toasty for Seattle and I want to get a lot of wear out of this pullover. Omitting the buttons at the neckline turned out to be a good thing since I feel the yarn and texture pattern are the showstoppers here. I think I ended up with about 2" negative ease which is more than I was shooting for but after blocking the yarn, which is superwash, everything relaxed a bit and I feel good about the fit. Another thing, the pattern called for 1200 yards and I ended up using approximately 840 yards after all the mods I did - some of this is probably the shorter sleeves and some of it may be the amount of negative ease I ended up with but I'm not absolutely sure about that. While I love the outcome I'm not sure I'll be knitting this one again since I had so many issues with getting it right - I'm glad I persevered though, since I absolutely love the FO!


  1. You should love it, it looks great! Nice job, really. Nina

  2. Erin, that is one seriously cute picture. And the sweater is super cute too!

  3. What a beautiful FO! It looks perfect on you. You are lovely!

  4. Super cute! The sweater too ;)