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Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday is Clam Chowder Night

This reminds me of going to Denny's with the grandparents. Friday is always clam chowder night. With the little packets of saltines and the thick white bowls with handles. You know the kind. But I digress - I am now officially a Ravelry member. I'm sorry if you're not and have been waiting forever, but there it is. It's definitely worth the wait and I've already learned a lot from cruising around. Well, that makes it sound kind of dirty but I do love a good lurk. To make things even better, despite my incredibly crappy 4 day work week (how the hell does that happen?), I arrived home with a tally of Strongbow, some movie watching action, and two new knitting books on my doorstep. Apparently UPS knows how to treat a girl right. ;) Scarf Style and Folk Style. I'm putting off putting my grubby hands on them until I've got part of that Strongbow in me, a movie in the mac, and some food in my belly. Ahhhh....bliss. (Pictured is a little update of the Clapotis - the first stitches, they are dropped!)

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  1. excuse my ignorance, but what is revelry?