American Wool Series

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WIP: Fiar

I overpacked for my knitting retreat. The one project that I cast on during my knitting-filled weekend ended up being the only project I really wanted to work on.

This is Fiar by Irish Girlie Knits. It's a long cowl knit with sock yarn and I'm using my gradient set from Black Trillium Fibers. Each skein seems to eat up just about one repeat so it's coming along swimmingly and is really great for social knitting (and drinking) since every other row is stockinette. I'm using a US #6 needle since my #5 needle is otherwise occupied. My gradient set came with five mini skeins and I'm currently knitting the fourth of the set.


  1. I really love how this is turning out. It seems like the yarn and pattern were meant for each other.

  2. very pretty. i agree with andi, above the yarn and pattern really compliment each other.