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Friday, May 17, 2013


This evening caps off a week of the terribles. I mean really terrible. As in, blanket over the head in the morning, pretend the alarm hasn't been going off for 20 minutes terrible. Now that the weekend is here, I'll be spending some time doing a little resume updating and job searching so I can feel that I am taking a proactive approach to changing the terrible in my life, namely, work. My other cure will be picking up the needles and doing some self-soothing in the form of  knitting.

I'm using this lovely stuff to knit Aislinn by Amy Herzog. I had a teensy bit of a false start when I cast on for the wrong size but I cast on again in the correct size and am just about to start the waist decreases. I'm hoping to get a good portion of the back done this weekend so I can get some wear out of the cardigan before the weather decides to change for the better.

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