American Wool Series

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Moving is in full swing and I am so tired! As of yesterday I am up to five carloads moved by myself. In total we have eight loads moved. The house looks sparse since there's almost nothing on the walls and most of the shelves are empty. The Man has the next two Mondays off of work for moving time so the plan is to stay at the new place on Monday night. I'm looking forward to living in Ballard but the move has me sore and smelling like wintergreen (icy hot for backaches). In what little free time I have I've been working on some knitting. Kira is almost up to the armpits and then I have to knit the sleeves. I really really like working with Nordique and the yardage is really good. This sweater only calls for seven skeins for my size.
We got a booklet in at the shop last week from Manos del Uruguay called Adirondack Accessories. The cover is of some lovely twisted cable mitts knit in a silky merino blend. I snatched up the book and pulled out my leftover partial skein of Sundara Aran Silky Merino. I knit this first mitt in just two days and it's loverly although it does turn my fingers red. There are a lot of great accessories in the book and they all look like fun to knit. I'm not given to wearing legwarmers but I just might knit the two pair in the book since they're sooo pretty. There's even a hat by Cecily (designer of my sweater, Kira) that is really cute. I'll just work my way through that bad boy and have hats and mitts and legwarmers ready for next Fall.


  1. Wish I could help. The mitts are beautious. Take care of your back.

  2. The mitt is beautiful although it seems a bit ironic that Manos has an Adirondak book out. Did I read that correctly.
    Hope the move has gone well. I've moved so many times that now when I move furniture around in the house my husband says I'm zen moving. Moving without moving. It is so so tiring.