American Wool Series

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Cat Returns

Not the animated movie. Moving has been good but crazy. The actual moving day went very smoothly and we slept at the new place that same night. Since then we've made good headway into unpacking, organizing, and setting up the new household. The Little One barely skipped a beat with her sleep schedule and likes the new place. I think that it's because we have an open floor plan and she's not denied access to the kitchen. We had a small disaster when my feline stepdaughter ran away for a few days but she's now safe at home again and acting as if nothing happened. The new place is good and the old place is, well, saaad. Sad in a bad way. I spent six hours there today cleaning. Six! With all of the furniture moved out the mold and mildew in the bedroom is really really noticeable and it takes a long time to get things cleaned up. I'm happy to report that both bedrooms are completely and thoroughly scrubbed, the living room window (Miss Kitty's hang out) cleaned and sparkling, and all but two kitchen cabinets freshly cleaned and sanitized. I don't mess around with the move-out stuff. If they're going to try to withhold deposit money it won't be for the lack of cleanliness in that moldy little house.


  1. So glad miss kitty made her way home. You and Noah but be so relieved.

  2. Glad to hear she came back!

  3. I am so glad little miss run around decided to come back. It's nice to know that you are almost completely free of the house and its mold.