American Wool Series

Saturday, March 1, 2014

FO: Dimbala

 Guess what? I finished another sweater!
 It's black. And textured. And that's really hard to photograph when it's overcast outside and technically still Winter.
Pattern: Dimbala by Laura Chau 
Yarn: Cascade 220 in Blaaaaack
Needles: US #6 (4.0mm) Hiya Hiya Sharp Interchangeables
Mods: This yarn was frogged from another Laura Chau sweater I knit ages ago and half-way through my Pomme de Pin I got a crazy urge to dig this out of my stash and knit it into a pullover. I knit one inch of twisted rib at the bottom edge, added in vertical waist shaping since the sweater is written without any shaping whatsoever, and knit the body to 16 inches. I knit the sleeves and henley neckline as written. I'm really happy with how this turned out! There's a teensy bit of floating at the hemline and I could have worked more decreases at the waist but overall I think this is quite flattering with my normal jeans and t-shirt uniform. The texture pattern took me a while to memorize but it also hides the waist shaping I added quite well. This is a win on multiple levels - I have a new black sweater, it blends seamlessly into my existing wardrobe, and I have no yarn left over to add back to the stash. Yipee!


  1. You are such an amazing knitter. This is a beautiful sweater!

  2. You sure know hot to pick them! Amazing pattern and fit. Wow, 2 sweaters done this year and it's only March? You are my hero.