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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I had a really busy weekend and the rest of March looks like more of the same. Between the social happenings and work and enrolling Little A in elementary school (say, what?) I feel like everything has been go go go for a couple of weeks now. My body seems to think so, too, since I now have some vague illness lodged in my throat making me incredibly tired and rather cranky. What's a knitter to do? I called out sick Tuesday so I could sleep as much as I was able and then lay around on the sofa between doing loads of handwash and shooting chloraseptic spray down my throat. Ick. But it also means that while I was lolling around I did quite a bit of knitting.

 This is most of a pair of Ruru mitts for Little A. I pulled a ball of sock yarn scraps out of my scrap bag and measured it - 20 grams exactly! I think I made the top part of the first mitt a little too long since I don't have enough yardage for the second one. I'll knit as far as I can on the second mitt and then pull out some of the first mitt so they're even. It's my first time knitting the owl cable and it's pretty cute.
This is Antarktis that I cast on last weekend in a fit of knitting ennui. I was given this yarn at Stitches to review on my podcast and since I don't knit with variegated yarns very often I thought that the garter stitch and eyelets would help break up the colors and create a nice harmony between colors. This is exactly the right kind of knitting for me at this moment and I think it would make a good project for social knitting, too.

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  1. I think Little A was not even a toddler when I started listening to your podcast; I remember episodes where you and Jessica were holding her and she was reaching for your knitting. How is she all grown up and starting elementary school??! :-)

    The mitts with the owl cable are adorable and seeing your Antarktis is making me want to cast one on. I don't wear shawls (hot flashes in a warm climate=no need for shawls) but that combination of garter stitch and eyelets is so pretty...I love variegated yarn in squooshy garter stitch.