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Thursday, February 21, 2013


Not much can beat the feeling of Friday on a Thursday, especially a Thursday that includes flying down to the Bay Area for a wonderful event known as Stitches West. I'm heading to the airport after work with three of my besties where I'll experience my first trip on the light rail that runs from Downtown Seattle to the airport. This is a novelty for me since I'm usually flying with a husband, a child, a carseat, and various bags so I'm looking forward riding it in a lovely touristy way. Airports are airports so nothing special there but I'm looking forward to a beer on the plane ride.

Thanks to Nina and Sonia who gave me advice on what to do about my Stitches knitting project. Just after posting on Tuesday I decided what had to be done - I cast on for a new project. That yarn on the left is Madeline Tosh DK in Moorland which is currently being knit into the Pressed Leaves hat from Alana Dakos' new book Botanical Knits. That is the perfect yarn and pattern combination I spoke of on Tuesday which is not my Stitches project. That blue yarn on the bottom right?  That is my brand spankin' new project. The yarn is Quince & Co. Tern in the Back Bay color - a gift from my husband two Christmases ago. I'll cast on during my lunch break today for the Bristol Hat which I believe is the absolute perfect combination of small, portable project, yarn from stash, pattern from my library and queue, and ease of knitting for socializing purposes.

And if I happen to finish my hat over the next two days I'll just have to dive into some newly purchased Stitches yarn.

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