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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stitches Recap

No, I didn't disappear at Stitches West although the thought of losing myself in booth upon booth of yarn forever and laying around to knit and feel the pretty skeins sounds just about heavenly. I'm just recovering from all of that social saturation and several days of yarn immersion. I'm an introvert by nature and push myself quite hard to be social and extroverted when attending events. The amount of energy expended is well worth it but I need several days to recharge my batteries before I feel ready to meet the world again. So, hello!


Let's get to it shall we? I didn't take pictures at Stitches because the thought of asking permission at each very crowded booth I went to seemed like a chore at the time and because the lighting at Stitches is not the best to show off all of the beautiful yarny things.

My favorite thing was the podcaster get together on Saturday afternoon. Did you know I'm a podcaster? True story. I'm co-host of the Doubleknit Podcast and we've been recording for almost 5 years! So I had to attend Saturday afternoon's meeting to meet some of my other favorite podcasters and a lot of our listeners. I met Gayle and Sharlene of the Yarniacs, Barb and Tracie of 2KnitLitChicks, Allison of the Hollywood Knitter, and Dr. Gemma of the Cogknitive Podcast. Everyone was so gracious and welcoming and I was utterly surprised by the number of folks who came to hang out, knit, and have drinks with us. If you were one of the attendees thank you for a wonderful time! I feel incredibly lucky to have such a supportive community of knitters and listeners.

I did a fair amount of browsing, touching, and deliberating about what I was going to purchase and came away with yarn that I'm in love with and excited about knitting. In the past I've gone a little yarn fume crazy and snapped up anything I felt was pretty and soft. I'm utterly happy with my purchases and can't wait to knit them as soon as I get my current projects off the needles. And you know, I couldn't have spent the weekend with a better group of friends.
Top to bottom: Freia Fine Handpaints Ombre in Lichen, Green Mountain Spinnery Cotton Comfort in Navy, Miss Babs Yowza! Whatta Skein in Biker Chick. No, this isn't all of my yarn haul but the ones with the best pictures.

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  1. I was so glad to finally meet you Erin...thank you for doing the Saturday meet-up!!! And FIVE years?!!? Wow!!! I absolutely love listening to you and Jessica!!