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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Best Laid Plans

I'm going to Stitches West this weekend. That's right, Stitches West. I'll be winging my way down to Santa Clara Thursday evening along with three of my good friends and then spending a couple of days in a yarn induced spending frenzy. I have a firm budget. I have a place to stay. But I need a plan.

What am I going to take with me to knit?

My friends, I am seriously indecisive on this count. I have a sneaking suspicion that I should continue with my current trend of finishing lingering WIPs. While this sounds totally boring, I'm gaining momentum on several projects that are woefully unremarkable in their ability to capture my attention for any length of knitting time and I figure I should just ride that train to the station.


Over the weekend I pulled three skeins of yarn out of my stash and I am itching, ITCHING, to cast on with them. Two of these yarns are for a hat pattern which I purchased in December and has been lingering at the top of my knitting queue. The other is for a brand new pattern, not even queued, for which I have the perfect yarn in a beautiful color.

I really only need one project to carry with me since I'll be at a venue where yarn, needles, and patterns abound should I need them. So what would you do? Ride the WIP train or take something brand spankin' new? How do you choose knitting projects for your travels?


  1. Hmm, same dilemma here. My WIPs are pretty close to being finished so then what? Take several? I think I'm going to take one WIP of a social knitting flavor that should last for the 3 hour train trip down and then be prepared to start my Color Affection on the way home. I've budgeted to buy the yarn for that at Stitches. We're just going down for the day but sounds like you'll be there for a bit so that's a totally different scenario. Plan ahead! See you there I hope. Nina

  2. You're going to want to start something shiny + new while you're there, with some irresistible yarn/pattern combo. I'd suffer through an old wip until that magic moment. Then you can cast-on guilt free!
    ; )