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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


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A couple of weeks ago I alluded to some sample knitting that I was doing with a new yarn from Skacel. I love love love this yarn and have been contemplating the various patterns that it might become (I was gifted the remainder of the giant cone and balls from the samples - so generous!). The yarn is Kenzie, from Skacel, which is a luxurious mix of wool, alpaca, angora, and nylon that knits at a dk or light worsted gauge.

The patterns are up on Ravelry and you can check them out! Both of the samples that I knit are available as free downloads via Ravelry or Skacel Fiber Studio.

Tayberry Hat

Cedar Leaf Scarf

It's so exciting to see my knitting out there and looking so fancy! I can honestly say that the yarn is awesome to work with - nicely round and soft with a gentle halo. The angora stayed put in the plies and didn't shed all over as some angora blend yarns have a tendency to do. It's a lovely tweed that's not too tweedy, the orange has unexpected lavender bits in it that I found utterly charming. Head to your LYS and check it out for yourself, you won't be disappointed!

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  1. Pretty sure I added the hat to my favorites and the scarf is going to follow. Love that orange color!