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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Horror with Humor

Happy Halloween! I thought I'd share the best of the best funny horror movies with you today. I've seen these movies so many times I've lost count and find them funny every time I watch them. Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness feature the adventures of Ash (played by Bruce Campbell) as he battles the forces of evil, his own hand, a demonic girlfriend, and traveling back in timeSeriously. These are cult classics and have a huge following so even if you don't normally watch horror movies I would recommend these since they definitely fall on the comedy side of the genre. I've left out Evil Dead even though it is worth a watch if only for the angry molesting tree and the fact that it is the quintessential "college kids at a cabin" horror movie. Did I mention that the director is Sam Raimi? Before there was Spiderman there was Ash and his boomstick and the forces of evil. Get all three movies, have a movie marathon, drink some sangria (which makes the whole thing better somehow), and laugh your ass off.

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