American Wool Series

Monday, October 4, 2010

Castlegar, Castlegar

I started this sweater with the best of intentions. You know, intending to knit it mostly monogamously so I could have a shiny new sweater to wear this Fall. I am moving along but it feels quite slow and not as gratifying as I feel it should be. It's the Castlegar Cardigan by Laura Chau and I really really want to wear it but I don't really really want to knit it. On sock yarn. On 2.75 mm needles. I purchased this yarn in my buying frenzy at Stitches West this Spring and it is lovely to work with and I'm not getting any pooling or flashing or anything but wonderful softness and sheen from the merino/bamboo blend. Miss Babs, you do me right. If the glass is half full I've already got the two sleeves done if the glass is half empty I haven't even cast on the body (almost 300 stitches) and that, my friends, is a setback indeed. Instead I knit a baby sweater and a headband and bought yarn for a Super Cupcake Cowl and am doing anything but casting on those stitches. Kick me, please, and just tell me to cast on and knit the damn thing.


  1. It will turn out to be a lovely sweater. Although, after I read this:

    "On sock yarn. On 2.75 mm needles."

    All I could think was, "oh my!"

  2. Make a to do list. Put cast on sweater body on the list. Add other fun things. Do the list. Once you cast on you'll be able to carry it around with you from time to time or knit while watching tv. It will get done eventually, right?