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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


There has been some unseasonably warm weather in Seattle the past few days, I can say that even as an expate Californian. I would also deem it "hot ass" weather. Just cause it's really hot, but also cause it does really make your butt hot. It makes my knitting life a little unbearable. I'm knitting Wicked in Elsebeth Lavold Baby Llama (no harm came to llamas in the making of this yarn) and it makes my palms sweat like nobody's business. I mean, it's 100%, cute, frolicking, spitting, fuzzy little llama so I love it but I can only touch it after about 7 pm or it felts by fingertip. It's also nice to knit stockinette in the round FOREVER. I think I've been working on it off & on for about a week and I've already split off the arms, tried it on, and knit an inch or two of the body. It should make a nice quick #5 for NaKniSweMoDo. I was going to knit the pocket but I think the fuzziness of the yarn will not show the stitch pattern very well, and as Jessica pointed out, droop a lot. And all I really need right now is more drooping in the tummy area. Yikes. I'm off to sweaty palm-land.

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