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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Petite Disaster

I wish I had taken pictures last night. Anyhoo, I was knitting along on my sweater and getting the yoke finished and binding off. This seemed like an opportune time to try it on so I did. It's a little snug but nothing I don't think blocking won't help. I'm pulling down on the hem thinking that it's a tad too short when there it is - a hole! Not just dropped stitches but SNIPPED stitches. How the hell did that happen!? I pull off the sweater, run over to my knitting bag, and throw a couple of stitch markers into those dropping stitches. Yikes! After a few moments of pulling my hair I decide that it's not really a bad thing. I'll just rip back the ribbing (the whole was right in the middle of the ribbing) knit a few more inches of stockinette to lengthen the sweater and then ribbing and bind off. Two hours later the stitches were back on the needle ready to go and I went to bed. So much for my nightly knitting time. I also decided that I want to try the sewn bind off that is supposedly uber-stretchy that Elizabeth Zimmermann uses. Cool beans, a new technique after all that trauma.

PS I probably would have thrown the stupid sweater across the room and had a crying fit if it hadn't only been a week on the needles. I'll still make my 6 sweaters in 6 months deadline.

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