American Wool Series

Thursday, November 13, 2008

You're awesome! No! You're awesome!

Dear knitting peeps,
You're awesome! Thanks so much for the lovely surprise on Thursday night. Yes, I was a bit put off by the sudden arrival of so many of my knitting compadres. But not angry (as was suggested by some) and happy that you thought enough of me and my bump to knit such a great gift! She'll love the blanket once she's at a rolling and crawling stage and in the mean time it's draped over the edge of the crib awaiting her arrival. For those of you not 'in the loop' my friends knit up a beautiful baby blanket out of Blue Sky Alpaca organic dyed cotton in yummy colors and then whisked me away for a scrumptious dinner at Oliver's Twist in Seattle. Thanks especially to Amanda who organized and seamed the whole thing. You all really are awesome!


  1. wow that is really nice. kudos to your friends and I can't wait to see the blanket!