American Wool Series

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I finished another pair of mittens last week. They're Bird in Hand by Kate Gilbert. This is an unblocked picture since I missed my sunny-day time frame yesterday which helps my camera capture the real color. These were fun to knit, the gauge was not (worsted weight yarn on size 1 1/2 needles) and they're nice and thick. I've heard that sizing has been an issue for some people but mine fit nicely although I had some issues getting the floats loose enough on the thumb. The yarn combo is Malabrigo worsted in Azul Profundo and Lanaloft Worsted in white. Good match, they're both singles.

I'm feeling a tad under the weather today since I finally went and got my flu shot yesterday. It's not something I normally do but apparently girls who get knocked up have to do some things they don't want to do. The baby is due soon. Really frickin' soon. I'm in the viable baby stage which means that her lungs are developed and she could arrive with no problems right the hell now. The due date is 2 weeks from tomorrow and I'm hoping for some good nights sleep and a swift recovery from whatever happens. My doc told me I've been 'really mellow' about the whole thing. I told him it's a little late to change my mind, why worrry?


  1. super cute. They are a wonderfull color too, they would really stand out in a crowd. The excitement is mounting!

  2. "I told him it's a little late to change my mind, why worry?" HA! Dude, you kick so much ass!! Thinking of you all the time and hope it goes bueno! Looking forward to meeting the lil' tiger ;)