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Friday, December 5, 2014

Gifts for Knitters: The Knitting Library

Au Courant

Magpies, Homebodies and Nomads: A Modern Knitter's Guide to Exploring and Discovering Style by Cirilia Rose. A collection of 26 pieces ranging from sweaters to accessories with advice on creating and discovering your own personal style. Good for knitters who like variety in their knitting and are style savvy (or want to be). $27.50

Curls by Hunter Hammersen. 14 patterns for wraps sized from cowl to scarf based on the yarn you use. This one is all over knitting blogs and podcasts right now and for good reason, the variations on size and the simple shape make these accessories easily customizable. $19.95 to $21.95.

Modern Classics

New American Knits by Amy Christoffers. If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that I have a knitting crush on Amy Christoffers and her design aesthetic and I plunked my money down for this book sight unseen. 20 pieces ranging from a tank top to hats to (many) sweaters. These are classic pieces with modern twists and interesting details. From $18.49.

Vintage Modern Knits by Courtney Kelley and Kate Gagnon Osborn. Modern knitwear inspired by traditional knitting techniques from cables to colorwork and all knit in The Fibre Company's lovely line of luxury yarns. $29.94

The Shetland Trader Book 1 and 2  by Gudrun Johnston. With designs inspired by the Shetland Islands and Gudrun's impeccable eye for detail these two books do not disappoint. The collection is a combination of garments and accessories that include interesting techniques and a variety of style options. From $20.00.

Building Blocks

Up, Down, All Around Stitch Dictionary by Wendy Bernard. 150 stitch patterns both written and charted for knitting top down, bottom up, flat, and in the round. Included are eight patterns for garments and accessories. $29.95.

Knitting from the Top by Barbara Walker. This isn't a very sexy book but the information is great if you want to branch out into knitting your own top down sweaters (and other garments). $20.

The Knitting Workshop by Elizabeth Zimmermann. This is an excellent book for trying your hand at building your own sweater from scratch. Some of the instructions read more like recipes but if you're okay with that then this might be the book for you. $24.95.

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