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Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014 Resolution Accounting

 I took a much needed break from the internet over my Holiday vacation but I'm back to settle up my resolution goals for 2014. I posted these goals at the beginning  of 2014:
  • use my pattern library
  • knit more sweaters
  • use my stash, especially sweater stash
  • be mindful when choosing projects
  • learn all about weaving
  • think hard before purchasing (especially yarn)
  • be happy with my knitting, if I’m not it’s a sure sign that something is wrong

I'm pretty sure I purchased fewer knitting patterns and books in 2014 and I searched my already extensive knitting library for patterns before buying anything new. To my recollection I only purchased two pattern books this year:  New American Knits by Amy Christoffers and The Shetland Trader Book 2 by Gudrun Johnston. Goal achieved!

I knit eight sweaters for myself this year (number nine is in the works), a baby cardigan, and two sweaters for Little A. In 2013 I knit nine sweaters: four for me, two for Little A, and three baby sweaters for gifts. Goal achieved!

How did I do using my stash this year? I did alright, I guess. I purchased quite a bit of yarn this year but I also knit a bit of those purchases right away. Five of my sweaters were knit with yarn purchased this year specifically for sweater projects and I purchased yarn here and there (mainly at Stitches West and during my October birthday) for random projects. I did, however, go through a period where I was only knitting projects with yarn leftover from previous projects in an attempt to get my scrap yarn bag under control. My yarn in and yarn out pretty much cancelled each other out so I'm at the same place I started last year; knit more from stash. 

Sigh. Be mindful when choosing projects to knit. This is a pretty difficult goal to pin down. I do feel like I spent more time thinking about and choosing projects before casting on but does that mean I was mindful about it? I dunno.  I feel like I had more successful projects this year than in past years but was it due to mindfulness or just getting things right as I went along? Again, I'm not sure. 

I did not learn all about weaving. I wove several projects with mediocre results but that just means I need more practice with my loom. Also, I spent a lot more time sewing than in previous years so that took up the bulk of my non-knitting craft time. 

Was I happy with my knitting this year? For the most part I was very happy with my knitting. I had a very difficult year at home so I took solace in my knitting and that helped me feel some semblance of calm and serenity that I wasn't getting in my day-to-day life. I tended toward simpler projects that ended up being some of my favorite, wearable items and if I was unhappy with my knitting project I ripped it out and started something new. Goal achieved!

Did you make knitting goals for 2014? If so, how did you fare?


  1. My knitting goals were actually negative: spend less time knitting. Compared to the rest of my creative life, knitting is very easy and pleasant, so I had to try to keep it from taking over. I achieved this by promising to spend a minimum amount of time writing, quilting etc. That was super-helpful and productive. I'm as satisfied as possible with 2014.

    1. I think it's a good idea to spread your creativity around - I picked up sewing again in 2014 and am really enjoying it.

  2. Sounds like you had a very successful knitting year, and actually achieved most of your goals! I don't think I had any particular knitting goals for 2014, except to challenge myself, which I certainly did. Maybe I'll come up with some for 2015..

  3. How could you learn all about weaving when you were knitting all those sweaters?! ;-)

    Seriously, well done you. It sounds as if you made good progress on your goals. All in all, a success.

    As for me, "learn to knit" was my primary craft goal for 2014. Learn to knit socks, knit a sweater, and learn to sew were other goals, all achieved. In fact, there were lots of firsts and accomplishments — easy to achieve when you're just getting started, much more difficult when the improvement becomes (as it surely will) more incremental.

    I hope 2015 brings you more peace and contentment in your personal life than this past year did. Thanks for your blog — I don't comment often, but I read it and enjoy it regularly.


    1. Thank you, David! I'm very impressed with how far you've come with your knitting this year. You'll be churning out sweater upon sweater before you know it!