American Wool Series

Sunday, October 26, 2014

FO: Teal Glacier Socks

 A couple of weeks ago I was quite ill and stayed home from work for several days. As part of my lay on the sofa and watch trashy television shows until I'm better cure I needed a really simple knitting project. None of my current projects quite fit the bill so I dug through my stash and came up with a skein of Mountain Colors Bearfoot.
 I let the color do all the work on this pair of socks. They're for Mr. B for Christmas and they're more flamboyant than he would usually wear but I think they'll be fine for non-work days.
Pattern: Improvised 64 stitch vanilla sock
Yarn: Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Teal Glacier
Needles: US #2 (2.75 mm) Hiya Hiya Sharps
Mods: I knit these two at a time on a long circular needle. Bearfoot is a heavier weight sock yarn and my tag said to use a US #3 or #4 needle so I figured a #2 would give me a nice sturdy sock fabric. The mohair, wool, nylon composition of the yarn washes up beautifully and will make for fantastic feet-warming socks this Winter.


  1. So pretty, I love the colours!

  2. Great socks! Being a knitter while sick definitely has it advantages. :) Glad to hear you have recovered.

  3. I like those colors! And I am impressed with how quickly you finished them!