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Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Favorites: Layering Warmth & A Giveaway

I meant to post this several days ago but I came down with my first true cold of the season (my least favorite thing about Fall is that it overlaps cold and flu season) and was home sick for a couple of days. Don't feel too bad for me because I got in a ton of knitting time in between naps, but more on that later. 

One of the best things about Fall is the change in weather! I can't wait to pull out my tights, boots, and hand knit accessories and start layering pieces of my wardrobe. I usually end up sporting this look a tad early and swelter beneath too many layers on days that reach into the 70s. I never learn.

I love knitted accessories. My accessory wardrobe is heavy on color, texture, and pattern since I can pop anything over my plain black or gray coat and feel warm and stylish. It's true that later in the season I'm not sure if I look chic or slightly hobo-ish but at least I'm warm! At my knitting group's latest stash swap and sale I took in some under used accessories and gave them away to make room for future hand knits! This year I'm leaning heavily toward infinity scarves (i.e. looong cowls) and skinny long triangles since they're easy to wear and stay put around my neck and shoulders.

Leave a comment telling me what your favorite knit accessory is and why to win the accessory pattern of your choice via Ravelry.

Don't forget to leave a way for me to get in touch - either an email address or (even better!) your Ravelry ID. I'll pick a winner next Monday. Good luck!


  1. Totally agree on knitting accessories for layering!! When I knit garments I like to have the neckline a little open & have 3/4 sleeves. I always have yarn leftover, enough to make either a cowl or fingerless gloves to co-ordinate when it does become cool or go in air-con!! If I don't have enough yarn, I'll have enough to make a kerchief with provisions for buttons so my neck/chest is at least warm!! Ravelry ID: 9crafty11

  2. I wear a cowl or scarf every day from September to May! I keep feeling like I have plenty but then I always want something just a bit different when I'm grabbing one in the morning. Rav ID potterknitter

  3. I envy the extra knitting time (and naps!) but certainly don't want a cold!

    My favorite accessory is my Spiral Mitts out of sock yarn. They are just enough for most cool PNW mornings. I use them all fall and winter!

    My Rav ID is RachelP

  4. I love pretty gloves,mostly in norwegian or icelandic colours and pattern!

  5. My favorite accessory is a dark green slouchy beanie. It was one of my first hats and my first project I made for myself in college. Even though I've had it several years (and countless hats later) it is still my go-to hat when the weather turns cold.

    Rav Id: zo1414

  6. I like a very large triangle shaped shawl- but worn backwards like a scarf. I like it to bunch at my neck for warmth and wrap around easily. I like it big enough to wrap around the outside of my coats.

    BTW: that is an impressive pile of accessories in your picture above. beautiful!

    RAV: jacflash

  7. I'm a big fan of Norie (Shetland Trader Book 1). It's the first hat I've knit that actually looks good on me, I used doubled sock yarn (stashbusting plus), and it's a quick knit for gifting.
    MaryBeth1199 on Ravelry

  8. Funny you should ask this now since I just re-fell in love with my Honey Cowl yesterday. It was a bit nippy out and my kids and I were heading to the MFA and I didn't want to deal with a light scarf falling off my shoulders while at the museum but I was afraid a cowl would be too warm. The long length was perfect, though, because I could unwrap it and let it hang when I got too warm inside.

    I'd love to hear how you store your accessories. I find I forget about some of them when they're put away in a drawer.

  9. I live in the Bay Area so heavy winter sweaters are out. I love a scarf or shawl that I can quickly throw on for chilly mornings and then shed by noon when it's warmer. Rav id: craftyland

  10. I tend to keep my home and office on the cool (OK, cold) side and last year I knitted some fingerless mitts that have proven to be a godsend! I could never understand why people like them so much, but after having warm hands - and the ability to type, knit and do other fiddly things - all winter long, I certainly agree. And I'm making some for Christmas presents this year as well. Pattyb on Rav.

  11. Such a good idea to do a stash swap!

    In the winter my favorite knit accessories are fingerless gloves because my work is so cold and I still need to use my fingers. In the past I never understood the point of them, but now that I need them I am obsessed!


  12. Oh, cold and flu season, the bane of a mother's existence. Well, let me take that back just a bit. I'd cheerfully accept more colds if it meant we'd never face a stomach virus.

    Living in NC, I don't knit or wear very many super-warm accessories. I have one crocheted wool scarf for the one or two bitter weeks we get each winter. My go-to accessories for coldish weather are light, airy knitted scarves or shawls. I tend to go for cooler yarns, something with some silk or cotton, or if I'm using wool I go fingering weight. My favorite fall-into-winter scarf this year is a simple drop stitch/seafoam rectangle I knit out of Handmaiden Sea Three. It is soft and drapey and just warm enough.

    Beth (SapphireStitch on Ravelry)

  13. My favorite, hands-down, fingerless mitts.

  14. Fingerless mitts are so practical; especially for all the fall gardening I don't do! I find them infinitely useful.

  15. Last year my favorite accessory was a worsted weight cowl (in Sundara Aran--yum), this year it looks like it will be fingerless mitts (I'm knitting my second pair since September 1). Of course, I also really love my shawls and wear them constantly.

    I'm jchant on Ravelry.

  16. I like making hats. I wear them from early fall to late spring. I also give away lots of hats to homeless shelters and schools. I am knitsforkids on Ravelry.

  17. Love that pic of all the knitting!
    This year I have been all about the cowls. The longer the better so that they can be wrapped and wrapped around again.