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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yarn Along: Sci-Fi & Socks

This week is flying by and I almost forgot today is Wednesday. Almost. I've been meaning to take part in Yarn Along for a while but never seem to get writing or take photos in time to post when it's actually Wednesday. But here we are, just in time.

The Gentleman's Half Hose in Ringwood Pattern are sooo close to being off the needles.  I started these the last week of April, ostensibly for Mr. B's birthday on May 6th. They'll be a very belated birthday gift, but welcome, nonetheless. I ran out of yarn on the toe and luckily my friend, Monica, has the same club colorway (lucky us, both being Hazel Knits fanatics) and is kindly donating some of her yarn to the belated birthday socks. Off the needles this weekend? I think so.

I burned my way through The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells last week and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Mr. B is a confirmed Science Fiction devotee and I've only dabbled in the genre so I was quite surprised that I like it so well. If you're interested in reading it you can find it for free at Project Gutenberg.

PS - I also noticed that Anne of Green Gables is listed! You should read it! I'm about to delve into the whole series as part of my Summer Reading List (I think that should always be capitalized, I don't know why).

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  1. These are going to be so handsome?? :) He will love them. I have not read any HG Wells before. But I should. MY hubs loves SciFi!

    Have a great week!