American Wool Series

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Hard Places

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about frustration at work, and while that frustration is still present, I've begun to move beyond that and look to the future. Most of the time I try to keep the blog as a place of creativity, where I can share the things I knit and the things I love. I take solace in my craft, in being able to move forward with knitting projects when I'm stuck in the hard places of my day-to-day life. Two weeks ago I felt like I was stuck - my knitting projects weren't moving along, every day chores overwhelmed my personal time, nothing seemed to get done and stay done, my volunteer hours for my grad school application seemed unattainable, and work was the most stressful it had been in my almost two years at my company. I've taken a step back, taken action, and am moving along at a moderate clip on things I can change. Plus, I bought yarn.
 And it's pretty
Miss Babs Northumbria DK in Princess Peach.  Destined to be some sort of cowl for me although Little A showed interest in the "pretty color" and wanted to keep a skein for herself.


  1. Work troubles can really put a damper on all areas of your life. Super frustrating.

    That yarn is gorgeous! Lovely color. :)

  2. Well done you on moving forward. Those are some big and stressful hurdles.
    Nice yarn therapy. :)