American Wool Series

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Imma what?

My knitting life has been quite unexciting as of late. I have two large projects nearing completion and am feeling the itch to start new things. I'm mainly a monogamous knitter so when I get to feeling this way my cure is to knit faster on my current projects so I can cast on something new!

I may have jumped the gun on this one by a few days! I needed social knitting of the not top secret kind so I dug out one of my two precious skeins of GothSocks and cast on a simple pair of stripey socks. This is the Laudanum base which is an 80/10/10 mix of merino, cashmere, and nylon. Yum! The color is Imma Bitch (ha!) and alternates between four-row stripes of black and semi-solid red. The heel treatment is still under contemplation - I prefer a heel flap and gusset construction but haven't tried any of the afterthought heel treatments available. Suggestions?


  1. Welcome to the dark side of knitting, where we cast on all things! :)
    I have tried Lala's afterthought heel and many short row heels, but the gusset always fits me best. Plus my stripes don't seem to get too funky, when I am knitting with self-striping.