American Wool Series

Thursday, November 3, 2011


There's nothing like a 12 hour work day to kill any good intentions I had about starting my next writing assignment. It's midterm week and I'm tiiiiiiiiired. Tired. Very tired. Barring caffeine (I drank the equivalent of 6 shots of espresso today) and heavy doses of amphetamines does anyone have any suggestions for getting my huge to-do list done? An extra day in the week would be nice - can we have that instead of daylight savings?

I've got knitting to share with y'all and as soon as I find myself at home during the day and with daylight (Sunday perhaps?) I'll update pictures and share. It sounds like a great way to waste some time in lieu of writing a paper that I'm not all that jazzed about. However, I did just finish a paper that basically equated Hester Prynne with Ted Kaczynski. It was an unintentional parallel but after having N read it for feedback that's what he said. Bosh. You try to puzzle out that cause I don't follow. Maybe more coffee...


  1. My poor tired sister. If I could donate some of my time to you I would.

  2. My suggestion is to find some time, as little as 30 minutes a couple times a week, to get some exercise, of the high heartbeat kind. I've come to the conclusion that whenever I exercise, I am more able to sleep less and produce more. Yes, it's hard to get that first jolt of energy, but from there, it does get easier. Good luck!

  3. This is coming to you late but can be utilized anytime. I have found that when I eat primarily raw, vegan I have tons of energy. There is a break-in period of a couple days. I know you are veggie so it won't be that hard. Try to incorporate a big salad for one of your meals. Cut sugar out. Eat fruits. Ideally, drink lots of green veggie juices (can sweeten with apples or beets)....freshly juiced, that is. I like it. My family gags at the thought! Love the podcast and look forward to it!!.....Carolyn R..oh...most importantly give yourself a break! you work, go to school and have a little one!! You are a superwoman. Be kind to yourself!!

  4. p.s....ya in a walk or even 5 minutes of yoga or stretches. do a few sun salutations and some childs poses.....hang in there!