American Wool Series

Friday, November 26, 2010

Snow Daze

Well, it happened. It snowed in Seattle the Monday before Thanksgiving but I have to say that I'm not nearly as inconvenienced by that as I thought I would be. Little One and I ventured out to run errands during the day before the temperature dropped and it got icy and then came home to start some homemade soup. We stayed in and enjoyed our toasty apartment (the house of mold was forever freezing cold) and I got some Holiday knitting done.

A couple of weeks before Thanksgiving I knit Poppy for my younger niece in some Rustic Wool DK I've had sitting around in my stash. This is a great pattern and free on Ravelry. You can use several different yarn weights and the construction is interesting - you knit back and forth using short rows to create wedges and then pick up and knit the ribbing at the bottom. Fun!

I also knit Habitat by Jared Flood. I've knit this pattern before and enjoyed it the second time around. I always forget how much impact cables have on a knitted item and this one, well, it's really cabley. This version is knit in Rialto Aran so it has great stitch definition and is really super soft and machine washable. Rialto Aran, to me, is definitely on the luxury end of the yarn spectrum. It's only 88 yards and retails for around 9 dollars a ball. For a small project like this it's definitely worth the price since knitting with it is heavenly but I'd have to contemplate long and hard about knitting a sweater with it.

And, finally, some snow. We had a nice relaxing Thanksgiving this year with perfect nap times for the Little One and a later meal start time. Everyone got along in the kitchen and it was far and above one of the better Thanksgivings I've had in Seattle. We have little in the way of leftovers since we don't have a ginormous spread but I'll trade that for sanity during my holiday.


  1. the hats are lovely, and show the day before Thanksgiving sounds quite nice as well. Love the pictures :) And I would love to get my hands on some of that yarn !

  2. Love the cabley hat, and love that you had a good Thanksgiving sweety - thought of you and the family <3

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