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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The One Woman Sweatshop

I made a decision at the end of October to knit all of my Christmas gifts. Usually I try to stagger my gift knitting throughout the year so I don't have a huge push in November and December to get everything done. My sofa has become a one woman sweatshop where I spend every possible free moment churning out gifts. Luckily I chose hats for almost everyone on my gift list and I can knit those in a couple of days. The most recent WIP is the Bee Hive Beret knit in Frog Tree Merino Worsted. This yarn is incredibly soft and warm but does not stand up to un-knitting very well. I also ran out of yarn and had to get up to the shop to grab another skein - this is not a pattern error since I went up a needle size I should have accounted for more yardage. If I had stuck with the needle size I could have knit this with ONE SKEIN of yarn which would be a whopping $6.50. Not bad for a handmade gift, huh?

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  1. mmmmh, frog tree is one of my favorite yarn brands. I used to edit paterns and knit garments for a yarn shop in america and they featured frog tree yarns. I LIVE in germany and have never seen the brand here. How lucky are your hands to work with such nice yarn ! :)