American Wool Series

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Edging Effect

I've been busy creating a knitting callus on my right pointer finger and trying not to look at exactly how much of the edging I have left to knit versus the amount of yarn I have in my ball. I'm cutting it close. So close, in fact, that I've been knitting faster and faster trying to make my yarn not run out before I'm done. This is shawl number 2 for my 10 of the year and I'm uber-excited about how it's turning out. The pattern is Print O' the Wave by Eunny Jang and I'm knitting it in Misti Alpaca Lace. I tried casting on for this in my final trimester of pregnancy and my mind was not prepared for chart reading of any sort. The pattern is tedious but exceedingly beautiful and rewarding. Both halves of the center portion are knit separately, grafted together, and then stitches are picked up around the whole thing and an inner border is knit. Break the yarn, cast on for a sideways knit edging, and continue around until you meet up with your provisional cast on and then graft the live stitches together. The way the pattern repeats in the center portion does not allow for marker placement so you have to be really careful to mark where you leave off. But the edging!!! It's getting close to becoming the seventh circle of Hell. In total you knit 84 repeats of the edging chart and that is a whole lot of knitting back and forth on 20-ish stitches. I'm keeping my head down and my fingers flying until I'm done. If I stop now it just won't get done. Eek.


  1. I loved the last podcast and the tiny raspberries your little one was making throughout-what a joyful sound!Thank you for sharing her with us listeners.Jane in KS

  2. i loved the latest podcast, too! for a while i thought you and jessica had sent audrey to the kitchen to prepare lunch cause it sounded like pots & pans clanging in the background. :-)