American Wool Series

Thursday, January 21, 2016

WIP: Kites

Creative energy is flowing pretty strongly at Chez Birnel right now. I'm making sewing plans for the year, working on exciting new things, and knitting along on one of my favorite types of projects - colorwork. 

I cast on for this project on New Year's Eve as a way to start as I mean to go on. What that really means is I want to work on things I really love and enjoy doing rather than forcing myself to finish projects I'm half in love with or because I "need" to use the yarn, pattern, etc. 

This is a free pattern named Kites by Teleri and it uses three colors of fingering weight yarn. I'm using two shades of Rauma Finullgarn (navy and gray) and one shade of Brooklyn Tweed Loft in Hayloft. This pattern isn't fooling around; it's easy to follow and the motif is straightforward but you're still working with three colors of yarn. The tangle factor is a bit of an issue but that could be circumvented by breaking either the blue or yellow color instead of carrying them up. But hey, I wanted fewer ends to weave in so I'm going the tangle city route. The first fingerless mitt flew off my needles but the second one is slow going since I'm not on vacation anymore. 


  1. Those are so flippin cute! I love the blue and yellow with the grey (and I would totally be in tangle city carrying all those colors up with you). And yay for trying to only work on things you love and enjoy!

  2. Great colourwork here. I like how this design can be all year round.

  3. Your colourwork is looking so neat! Absolutely love this pattern <3

  4. So cute! Love the mod geometric pattern and beautiful colors.