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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 Goals

Here we are, almost an entire week into the new year, and I haven't posted about goals or projects or anything. A good guess is that punctuality isn't on my resolution list - I'm usually right on time to everything, all the time, even when the everything sucks (like a doctor visit or paying bills). But I've been thinking. A lot. What do I really want to achieve this year?

1. Continue knitting local. 

I really like where this took my stash last year. Purchases were fewer, but of better quality, and my stash is about 90% OH PRETTY right now.

2. Have a half-handmade wardrobe.

A bit of a doozy, yeah? I'd say my wardrobe is about 30% handmade right now and I'd like to up that percentage this year. I'll need to work on tailoring pants to suit me and get more comfortable sewing with knit fabrics but I think this goal is achievable given the amount of sewing I did last year. 

3. Self-publish more patterns. 

I have three or four patterns just about ready to go to a tech editor. The process is kind of long between what's in my head, the knitting, and the publishing on Ravelry and I tend to lose momentum somewhere in the last step. It's also pretty scary to put designs up for public scrutiny. Not that I'm a delicate flower but I would like people to like what I design if I'm mostly designing what I like, you know? 

So that's it. Three goals that are craft and hobby related. I have a few other goals for myself - reduce caffeine intake (down to one cup a day as of right now!), bring my lunch to work instead of buying it, and save money. I'm trying to introduce things slowly and build good habits instead of going full tilt all at once. How about you? Any goals for the new year?


  1. finish knitting my project. I have a lot of half finished projects laying around. I also want to finally knit the husbeast a sweater I found one called Jefferson and I am trying to get gauge. a pullover for me that is A-lined. a cowl for me. (started No. 10 ) in ravelry. Using Miss Babs. in fact I have now two cowls on the needles. wonder which will get done first.

    1. Wow, Patricia! That sweater is beautiful but my bets are on finishing the cowls first. I'm also trying to finish up some long-lingering projects so I can cast on all new things!

  2. Excellent goals! I'd like to sew more-that's more of a constant goal than something new this year, but I really think I can get a couple of decent pieces sewn and integrated into my wardrobe this year. I've also identified some stash yarns that I definitely want to knit up this year, but I'm probably going to be bringing in a lot of new yarn too.

    1. Sewing is so gratifyingly fast compared to knitting that I spent more time than I thought I would at the sewing machine last year. I've found that sewn skirts or dresses with knit cardigans are a good combination and things I wear all the time! Good for you, giving yourself permission to bring in new yarn. Lots of people are swearing off yarn this time of year. :)

  3. Lovely yarn. I like the mustard color and how each is already wound up for you to use on the go. Great goals here. I'm learning how to sew this year; it's really intimidating for me as its speak is different.