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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

FO: Twinkle Twinkle Baby Blanket

I'm not much of a blanket knitter. Blankets don't lure me to knitting like sweaters or socks do so I usually eschew them for smaller projects and garments. But when your friend gives you a bag of Tosh Dk in a bright cheery color and your kiddo keeps stealing your lap blanket right from your lap it's like the universe is telling you to knit a blanket. The universe talks and I listen.

Bright, right?

Pattern: Twinkle Twinkle Baby Blanket by Helen Stewart 
Yarn: Tosh DK in Grapefruit
Needles: US #7 (4.5mm) Hiya Hiya Sharp Interchangeables
Mods: None! I may have lost track of the repeats on this since I took it to my knitting group's retreat to Port Townsend and I wasn't doing things like counting stitches and repeats. It came out slightly larger than the 34" square that the pattern lists and I didn't bother blocking it with pins or anything; just patted it flat and did a bit of straightening. This pattern also has instructions for a fingering weight version which I think would make a lovely nursing shawl for a new mom and, like a mentioned above, is excellent social knitting since the pattern repeat is easily memorizable and most of the knitting is straight stockinette. Love it!

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  1. Nice blanket! The universe must've indeed been telling you to knit a blanket and I think it was a great idea.