American Wool Series

Sunday, May 31, 2015

FO: Mormorio

Do you ever feel like your weekend flies by and you haven't done anything you really wanted to do? Like write a blog post, or do some knitting, or take some pictures? I've felt like that for weeks! But I'm here to say that I did all three of those things today and it feels fantastic! I finished Mormorio and couldn't be happier with it. 

 There are such fond memories and good feelings wrapped up in this shawl that just looking at it makes me happy. The pattern was gifted to me by Gayle of the Yarniacs podcast, the colorful yarn was a gift from Andi, and the cream yarn was picked up during my mini yarn crawl with the Stash & Burn ladies. I cast on this shawl during my California knitting retreat while engaging in some delightful conversation with new friends and the final project makes my heart sing.

Pattern: Mormorio by Heather Zoppetti
Yarns: BMFA Silkie Socks that Rock in My Wild Irish Girlie; A Verb for Keeping Warm Clover undyed (available in their brick & mortar)
Needles: US #4 (3.5 mm) Hiya Hiya Sharp Interchangeables
Mods: None.


  1. I know that feeling, and it stinks! Glad to see you've gotten some knitting done-I love that shawl! The colors are so cheerful :)