American Wool Series

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

American Wool Series: The Master List

It has been a long time coming but I finally have a somewhat finished master list for my American Wool Series. The thing is, I keep thinking of new fiber folk to add to my list; that's a good thing, right? 

In no particular order:

Beaverslide Dry Goods
Quince & Co (minus the linen, which is grown in Belgium)
Brooklyn Tweed
Sincere Sheep (Terroir series)
Imperial Stock Ranch
Bartlett Yarns
Made in America Yarns
Green Mountain Spinnery
Brown Sheep Company, Inc.
Spincycle Yarns
Insouciant Yarns
Local Color Fiber Studio
Fancy Tiger Heirloom Romney
Stone Hedge Fiber Mill
Elemental Affects
Jill Draper Makes Stuff 
Toots LeBlanc
Cestari Sheep & Wool Co
Thirteen Mile Lamb & Wool Company

I'm pretty sure this isn't every North American grown/milled/dyed yarn purveyor but it's quite a list from off the top of my head. There's a secondary list that's in the works for yarn companies that have offerings of North American yarns but their product focus is yarn in general and not NA yarn. I tried to do my due diligence with the folks on this list and research all of the fiber that they use in their yarn lines, but there may be a few who have fiber blends that aren't 100% North American. My list was quite a bit longer than this but I realized that people who might have their yarn milled and dyed in the US didn't necessarily use wool raised in the US. It took a fair amount of poking around on websites and Ravelry to get the information I wanted and what I found was that people who wore their badge of 100% North American product proudly advertised it as such and they were the easiest to find.

Share your information with me! Any glaring mistakes on my list? Know any other businesses that create mostly North American yarns? Do tell!


  1. Here are a couple more for you. They might be a little small, but all are available online.
    Yay for local farms and yarns!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, Jennifer! I'm going to add them to my list to try out.

  2. I have no additions of the top of my head- but I can vouch for the awesomeness of Fancy Tiger's Heirloom Romney! They're my LYS and such great folks in addition to making great yarn.

    1. I can see their Romney in person at Tolt Yarn & Wool which is semi-local to me. I love Fancy Tiger! I've ordered through their online shop and wished I had a similar place to go to for my local crafting/sewing needs.

  3. Hey Erin, I'm love the idea of featuring North American grown, milled and dyed wool on your blog. The Quince & Co write up was great. Perhaps, you would be interested in checking out my Kickstarter campaign for Spun Fiber Company - - I'm sourcing breed specific yarns in my home state and having them milled in New England before they are sent back to me to be dyed. I hope you enjoy it!


    1. Hi Brittney! This is so cool and what an endeavor! I'll definitely support you and I hope you meet your goal.