American Wool Series

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day Trip & Trunk Show

If it hasn't become clear over the last year or so, I am totally in love with Tolt Yarn & Wool. It's my preferred day trip with friends, the store that always has yarny things I want to purchase, and it has the added bonus of smelling wonderfully of wool and unfinished wood (a cleaned up version of barns I visited as a kid).  So when I learned that Local Color Fiber Studio was having a trunk show at Tolt, I organized a day trip with friends to have brunch and partake of some Local Color. It did not disappoint. 

 See? Pure droolworthy wool, ripe for the squishing and the sniffing. I always give yarn a nice sniff, don't you?

Emily and Tatyana are the master dyers behind Local Color and I've been daydreaming about their yarn since I purchased a skein of their yarn dyed from grape skins at KnitFit! last November. I came home with two more skeins - one in Indigo (middlish bottom deep blue in the above picture) and one in Madder (very bottom left-hand corner orange in the above picture). I'm always amazed at the array of colors from natural dye stuffs. Now, if only we had hard wood floors so I could knit myself a giant rug with Local Color's rug yarn....

If you're curious to know our brunch destination, we always go to The Grange Cafe in Duvall. Duvall is about a 10 or 15 minute drive north of Carnation and features local, fresh ingredients. I highly recommend the veggie benedict.


  1. Ahhhh...this is the dream! When I dream of the perfect LYS with shelves of drool-worthy yarns, I think of Tolt. Can't wait to see what you create with your acquisitions.

  2. Fun to see you again! Enjoy your yarn!

    1. It was great to talk to you Emily! I'm stalking patterns to see what delicious neck-warmy thing the yarn I purchased wants to become.