American Wool Series

Thursday, January 8, 2015

WIP: Migee

Say hello to Migee. I started this wrap back in December but it languished a bit as I worked on a couple of last minute gifts and obligation knits. I got a sudden hankering for garter stitch the other day and rooted it out of my wip basket to work on.

The sample uses a Black Trillium Fibres Gradient Kit in the Pebble Sock base in the Smoke color but I just happened to have a gradient kit from the same dyer in the Water color. Realistically, I think I put this down for two reasons: 1) garter stitch isn't my favorite thing to knit 2) I wasn't sure what color to use as the contrast. My first impulse was to grab a bright green, but that immediately reads Seahawks to a lot of Seattleites (not my bag). I decided to go with a neutral and picked a long-languishing skein of Miss Babs Yummy 2-ply in the Oyster color out of my stash. The color is a light gray with beige undertones and will look great against all the shades of blue, not to mention my charcoal winter coat. I'm plugging right along now that I've reached the straight knitting section and it's the perfect thing to knit while watching movies.


  1. It looks beautiful so far! Sometimes it's nice to have something plain to work on.