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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Let the Games Begin!

Are you participating in the Ravellenic Games*? I hemmed and hawed and finally decided that if I was going to participate I was going to knit a sweater. Not really surprising given one of my knitting resolutions this year was to knit more sweaters, especially from my sweater yarn stash. Once I decided to participate in the Ravellenics the decision of what to knit came quite easily. I swatched for another Acer Cardigan by Amy Christoffers in Green Mountain Spinnery Cotton Comfort and got perfect gauge on my #6 Hiya Hiya needles. 

Friday at work all I could think about was going home and casting on my sweater but once I actually got home I decided to work on my other sweater, Dimbala, and am just to the point where I can split the front and back. 
I made some modifications in order to add in a bit of waist shaping in the form of vertical darts and I apparently forgot to knit a few rows of garter between the ribbing and the texture stitch for the body. There are also fewer rows of twisted rib at the bottom edge since deep ribbing isn't super flattering on me.
And then I decided that I should finish off these socks for Little A out of some sock yarn scraps since it has been in the 20s this week (modeled picture coming soon). 
And then I decided that I should finish these socks since the tubes for the foot have been siting around for at least three weeks and all I have left are the heels. I finished them up this morning while having my morning cuppa because this happened: 
Snow! After tromping around outside for the better part of an hour with Little A we came home rosy-cheeked and cold and I actually cast on my Acer Cardigan. Ribbing accomplished!

*The Ravellenic Games take place during the Olympics and knitters and crafters compete by choosing challenging projects to be completed within the time frame of the Olympics in various events. The sweater event is called Sweaterboard Cross and if you're interested in knitting along you can check out more info on Ravelry.

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  1. Awww, hope you guys had fun tromping in the snow. I'll send you some of ours if you run out ;)