American Wool Series

Sunday, August 4, 2013

FO: Cameron Hoodie

Pattern: Cameron Hoodie by Bobbi IntVeld
Needles: US #7, US #8 Addi Turbo 
Mods: I knit wide pink stripes since I didn't have enough of each color to knit the tunic in a solid color. I ran out of the dark pink (the tag states that it is "luscious" pink) at the neck so I finished the hood in light pink. The remaining tiny ball of dark pink was enough to knit the ribbing around the hood but not enough to do ribbing around the armhole. I ended up picking up stitches around each armhole and binding off on the next round to keep the fabric from curling inward. This is a great layering piece - the wool is lightweight and warm and the tunic can be worn over t-shirts or long sleeves this Fall. She loves it!


  1. It's fantastic! You are so creative. No wonder she loves it.

  2. How could she not love it? Both the hoodie and her are perfection!