American Wool Series

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Rebound

Last week was a complete and utter wash. I had many, many things to do and although I gave focused time to each item on my list nothing seemed to get done or stay done. I was exhausted from attending Vogue Knitting Live Seattle and felt that there just weren't enough hours in the day for me to do what needed to be done. Do you ever feel that way? In any case, this last weekend was incredibly helpful in recovering my mental and emotional health.

I made some progress on my Diffraction shawl. The green stripes are getting narrower and the teal stripes are getting wider just as they should be doing. Each round of knitting is hundreds of stitches at this point so I only pick this up when I'm engrossed in a social activity or very good movie (or episode of Buffy).

Black Trillium Fibres
I logged my newly acquired stash yarn into Ravelry and contemplated the future of this lovely gradient set I purchased from Melanie of Black Trillium Fibres. Do you have a favorite pattern for gradient yarn? I have 658 yards in this set.

I also managed to: change out bedding, clean the bathroom, vacuum, walk to the farmers market, sort and wash Little A's baby knitwear, make fingerpaint, do my nails, make potato and leek soup, complete 2 (!!!) homework assignments, and even fit in some knitting. I have a three day weekend coming up so I hope that this trend continues and I have more to show next week!


  1. I know how that feels, the not enough hours part ...

    However, I'm super impressed with you knowing you needed to take a step back and recuperate and focus on what could make you feel right again. Kudos on getting so much knitting and domestica done at the same time!

    The shawl and yarn look great :)

  2. Last week was much the same for me! Glad to hear you had such a productive weekend. I happened to buy that exact same color of gradient from Melanie!